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Castle Buries Caskett and Fans Bury the Show

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As it turns out Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion are even better actors than we thought. According to unsubstantiated reports, their relationship has become so acrimonious that ABC required them to attend couples counseling.  For a loyal fan of Castle, this news represents a classic case of TMI. Finding out that your favorite actors are real people with flaws can ruin… Continue reading Castle Buries Caskett and Fans Bury the Show

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Fans Storm the Castle to #SaveCaskettAlways

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Castle fans have spent the past two weeks waving their arms in the air in a frantic attempt to get ABC’s attention. Rather than repeat entreaties from past years to save Castle from cancellation, these dedicated fans are insisting the network to do the opposite. That’s right. Castle fans launched a campaign to persuade ABC to cancel what was once a… Continue reading Fans Storm the Castle to #SaveCaskettAlways