Stana Katic: Another Victim of TV’s “Disposable Spring”

Females in Film

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you guys that Stana Katic, a.k.a badass Captain Kate Beckett is not returning for season nine of Castle. Also leaving is Tamala Jones, who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish on the show.*Ugly cries* Okay, so, everyone probably knows about this, if they watch Castle or have been alive since  TV Guide first broke the news on April 18th. REGARDLESS, Katic and Jones have fallen victims to what Variety calls “television’s ‘disposable spring’.”

beckettcrying.gif It’s okay Stana, I gotchu girl.

Unfortunately, women like Katic, are the primary targets of this onslaught of this killing off, being written out, or in Kelly Ripa’s case, completely blindsided trend on television. However, I am merely going to focus on Katic because she is the linchpin that started this COMPLETELY SOLVABLE crisis that is plaguing television.

Now, it’s no secret that over the past few years 

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