My Novel Series

I am finishing up my fourth novel in the series that follows Detectives Shannon Kelly and her partner Raina Peters. In these novels I try to show women in a strong light, but with all the fantastic traits that make them women. I also try to have their cases revolve around real crimes that force their insidious nature upon us through everyday headlines and our police forces around the world try to bring those who would commit such criminal acts to justice. Keep coming back to see updates and additions!

The list of my novels, to date, include:

The Detective Series

1)The 47th Floor, which can be found right now on Amazon’s Kindle e-books. Corrections and a few updates will be added to it sometime after August 11, 2015.

2) The Third Bullet, which I plan to release on Kindle in September, 2015. (Gang violence)

3)  When the Bough Breaks – In Edit  (Child Kidnapping/Abuse)

4)  Suffer the Little Children – Currently being written (Child Sex Trade/Trafficking)

General Fiction

1) The Ghost Dance – In Edit  (Native Legend Apocalypse)

Children’s Fantasy/Adventure

1) The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate – Currently being written


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