Writers Corner

A young female detective is called to investigate a murder inside a New York City skyscraper and discovers the work of a sadistic killer who has created a labyrinth of tunnels inside the walls of the building. The killer strikes most often somewhere on or near the 47th floor but leads the determined detective on a chase that extends beyond the perimeter of the building itself as the killer begins to focus his twisted desires on the detective.

As her relationship with her live in boyfriend is heating up, so is the killers desire to have her for himself, endangering other women along with her entire team as he leads her on the chase that brings the reader into a surprising twist that not only increases the danger, but could just cost the detective her life.

This is the synopsis for my newest novel, The 47th Floor. It can be found on Amazon’s Kindle E-Books by Michele Weil Scott.

This blog is open to all writers who want a place for others to offer gentle critics, offer suggestions to help each other improve as writers, and to promote you work. Please join in and help me get this Blog started for those of us who are serious about what we do!


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