Drinking River Water – My life with ADHD


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Originally posted on Here's to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire:

This whole ADD thing has been a trip.  The really cool part is there is now a nicely packaged, single reason for all of the things I felt were wrong…I have always told my mom “it shouldn’t be this hard…it isn’t this hard for other people…this isn’t normal”.

I always felt misunderstood.  I was always called weird (which I was totally ok with…weird is a compliment, I think), but I just didn’t really understand what people thought was weird about me.  I have a tendency to be anxious.  I am completely overtaken by the moods of others.  I procrastinate.  I can’t pay bills and keep track of finances, and have no emotional tie with money.  I can’t keep friends, except for those who have grown to accept me (and don’t try to change me).  I don’t bond easily with people.  I stress myself trying to help everyone.  I’m constantly on a…

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